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 Brazil scores, takes the U-20 title and classifies for the Olympic Games
February 14, 2011 03h43AM {data}2011-02-14{/data}{hora}03:43{/hora}

Brazil hammered Uruguay 6-0 on Saturday.. Photo: Terra

Brazil hammered Uruguay 6-0 on Saturday.
Photo: Terra

The three goals from Lucas at 40, 41 and 81 minutes, two from Neymar at 57 and 62 minutes, and one from Danilo sealed the unprecedented 6-0 against Uruguay. Brazil only needed a tie to take the title away from its rival which played ruthlessly.

Midfielder Matías Vecino failed a penalty shoot at 48 minutes of the match sending the ball off over the crossbar. This error cost the team of Juan Verzeri a great deal for the remaining of the match.

Brazilian and Uruguayan teams both finished the match with 10 players only. Uruguayan referee pulled out a red card at 47 minutes for defender Saimon for fouling against Pablo Ceppelini in the scoring area, which allowed for the failed penalty shoot. Also, Adrian Luna was sent off at the 43 minutes for having kicked Juan when he was lying on the field.

Brazil started to dominate the game after half-time and it became clear its pressure would suffocate the Uruguayan team. At 29 minutes, William´s half-scissor move almost takes goalkeeper Salvador Ichazo by surprise, however, this was a clear sign that a goal was coming up.

Lucas was the star of the game clinching a hat-trick. Neymar netted twice and became the tournament¿s top-scorer with nine goals scored in the competition.

With Brazil´s victory, Argentina says goodbye to the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Argentina needed that the Uruguayan team scored five goals more than Brazil to earn the second spot for goal difference.

Brasil finished the closing match of the tournament at the top with 12 total points followed by Uruguay with 10, Argentina with 9, Ecuador with 8, Chile with 3 and Colombia with 1.

The first four teams will take part at the 2011 World Cup in Colombia while the first two will earn a place at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Saturday´s victory earns Brazil its eleventh title overall. It earned its last three titles in a raw: Paraguay 2007, Venezuela 2009 and now Perú 2011.

Brazil and Uruguay, the teams that have taken most of the titles at U-20 South American Championship since 1954, played the closing match of this 25th tournament that qualified them for 2011 World Cup in Colombia.

Uruguay ended up with seven titles overall. Uruguay celebrated its last victory in Ecuador 30 years ago in 1981. Argentina has been the U-20 champion four times, Colombia twice and Paraguay once.

A total of 5,000 people attended the U-20 final match that took place at the Monumental Stadium of the National University of San Agustín (UNSA) in Arequipa, Perú, at 2,330 meters above sea level.

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